Ka5sh EP featured in The Wire Issue 401- July 2017

From The Wire:

"Ka5sh- Deathbomb Arc DL/MC

Los Angeles independent label Deathbomb Arc continue their tireless mission to offer a distinct alternative to trap's dwindling returns with two starting releases from the hiphop end of their roster. 

Self-styled "last rapper alive" Ka5sh drops his self-titled tape with a confidence that belies his obscurity - you realize about two seconds into opener "HMU" as the bass takes your legs and stars burrowing that there's no reason on Earth that he should't be a star, bar the absurdist honesty of his lyrics and his fondness for careening into Mystikal-style abrasiveness. If a fuck up like XXXtentacion can nudge at overground popularity, then Ka5sh's steely pop instincts and hilarious self-deprecation should by rights make him hot property - Yung Skrrt's production throughout has a melodicism and oozing menace that puts him on par with the best LEx Luger and Sonny Digital productions. Too short (the whole six-tracker clocks in just over ten minutes)but hopefully a more magnum opus should emerge soon because KA5sh is a rapper you'll want to hear more from."